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Library of California Product Liability Forms

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160+ sample documents in print and on CD for product liability work, organized to take attorneys through the trial process from start to finish.

Save time with a new collection of sample documents in print, online, and on CD. 

Library of California Product Liability Forms Book is a comprehensive set of 160+ sample documents for product liability work, organized to take attorneys through the trial process from start to finish. The title is authored by Ken Seeger and Isaac Walrath of Seeger Salvas, LLP,  a boutique firm specializing in medical device and pharmaceutical product liability litigation. Where appropriate, forms are differentiated for different types of products (medical device, pharmaceutical, automobile, etc.) and for both plaintiff and defendant counsel.  There is a CD of Word files for easy drafting of documents.

The forms are divided into 9 sections:

1.       Intake

2.       Client Correspondence

3.       Pre-Suit Forms

4.       Complaints

5.       Answers

6.       Discovery and Litigation

7.       Motions

8.       Trial

9.       Settlement

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Product Types Books
Brand The Recorder (CA)
Publication Date May 15, 2013
Jurisdiction California
ISBN 978-1-57625-581-0
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Plaintiff Interview Forms:

1-001.    Prescription Medical Device

1-002.    Prescription Pharmaceutical

1-003.    Over-the-counter Medical Device or Pharmaceutical

1-004.    Automobile

1-005.    Other Products and Components

Defendant Interview Forms:

1-006.    Prescription Medical Device

1-007.    Prescription Pharmaceutical

1-008.    Over-the-counter Medical Device or Pharmaceutical

1-009.    Automobile

1-010.    Other Products and Components


Intake Documents

1-011.    Plaintiff: Medical Authorization – HIPAA

1-012.    Both Plaintiff and Defendant:  Litigation Hold Notice

1-013.    Contingency Retainer – costs shared by client

1-014.    Contingency Retainer – costs paid by client

1-015.    Contingency Retainer – costs advanced by client

1-016.    Contingency Retainer – costs advanced by firm

1-017.    Hourly Retainer – Long Form

1-018.    Hourly Retainer – Short Form



2-001.    Introduction Letter to New Client

2-002.    Request Missing Intake Information

2-003.    Enclosing Med Authorizations

2-004.    Enclosing Med Authorizations Update

2-005.    Rejection Letter – Non-Engagement Letter

2-006.    Request Property Damage Photos/Estimate

2-007.    Requesting Client’s Insurance Information

2-008.    Treatment Status Letter

2-009.    Request Product Inspection

2-010.    Request Location Inspection

2-011.    Enclose Draft Complaint

2-012.    Enclosing Filed Summons and Complaint

2-013.    Enclosing Opponents Discovery Requests to Client

2-014.    Advise Client of Defense Medical Exam

2-015.    Advise Client of Deposition and Schedule Preparation

2-016.    Advise Client of Deposition Transcript with Correction Form

2-017.    Advise Client of Case Status

2-018.    Advise Client of Settlement Conference/Mediation

2-019.    Advise Client to Contact Office re Settlement Authority

2-020.    Advise Client to Contact Office to Discuss Settlement Offer

2-021.    Advise Client of Trial Date

2-022.    Advise Client of Minor’s Compromise Exam

2-023.    Transmittal of Draft Settlement Agreement and Release

2-024.    Transmittal of Final Settlement Agreement and Release

2-025.    Enclosing Settlement Check

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