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LawCatalog, part of and a division of ALM Media, LLC, is home to hundreds of professional legal and business resources from Law Journal Press, Texas Lawyer, New Jersey Law Journal, and other ALM-published books written by highly regarded members of the legal profession. Save hours of research with law books, eBooks, magazines, research services, directories, and newsletters for your specific jurisdiction or practice area.

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Resources covering the challenges and risks surrounding cybersecurity within the legal realm.

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Resources involving the selection of a form of organization, planning, implementation, and ongoing counsel.

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Navigate trial cases and negotiate settlements from a position of strength with the leading provider of verdict and settlement research.

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Best Sellers

  1. District of Columbia Legal Malpractice Law
    District of Columbia Legal Malpractice Law
    Online + eBook $179.00
  2. Connecticut Foreclosures
    Connecticut Foreclosures
    Print + eBook $429.00
  3. COVID-19 as a Trigger for Force Majeure: A Global Survey
    COVID-19 as a Trigger for Force Majeure: A Global Survey
    Online + eBook $399.00