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A Letter from Your Client

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Boost your legal practice with "Letter to Your Client," a digital book offering actionable insights from clients themselves. Transform your services to secure repeat business and enhance profitability with this essential guide.

Are you a lawyer striving to boost profitability and secure repeat business? Letter to Your Client is a digital book that offers insights from the most valuable source: your clients.

This book goes beyond general expectations like “more for less” or “adding value.” It dives into the specifics of what clients need, why it matters, and reveals the ‘8 Must-Haves’ that every client desires.

Expand your knowledge with a deeper understanding of what clients truly want from their lawyer's legal services. Transform your legal practice with actionable advice from the client community, and learn how to support the practice of law in a way that meets and exceeds client expectations, leading to greater satisfaction and success.

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ISBN 978-1-58852-843-8
Page Count 63
Author Alex Geisler
Edition 2024
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Alex Geisler

Alex Geisler is a London-based litigation partner with Duane Morris. His Lean Law Program, www.lean.law, goes back to his early representations of auto manufacturers, a clientele known for its embrace of lean manufacturing principles. Lean Law can be used to acquire untaught skills and learn how to practice law the way clients want: Efficiently, Effectively, and Transparently. (Available online by subscription or as response training.) Alex then worked with ALM to develop Lean Adviser, combining his program with ALM news and insights about the client and law firm relationship.