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Kenneth Seeger, Isaac Walrath

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Save time with a new collection of sample documents in print, online, and on CD. 

Library of California Product Liability Forms Book is a comprehensive set of 160+ sample documents for product liability work, organized to take attorneys through the trial process from start to finish. The title is authored by Ken Seeger and Isaac Walrath of Seeger Salvas, LLP,  a boutique firm specializing in medical device and pharmaceutical product liability litigation. Where appropriate, forms are differentiated for different types of products (medical device, pharmaceutical, automobile, etc.) and for both plaintiff and defendant counsel.  There is a CD of Word files for easy drafting of documents.

The forms are divided into 9 sections:

1.       Intake

2.       Client Correspondence

3.       Pre-Suit Forms

4.       Complaints

5.       Answers

6.       Discovery and Litigation

7.       Motions

8.       Trial

9.       Settlement

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Ken’s practice focuses on litigating product liability and commercial disputes. Over the years, Ken has litigated pharmaceutical and medical device cases involving orthopedic hip and knee implants, coronary angioplasty and stent devices, defibrillators, pacemakers, and several brand-name and generic pharmaceuticals. He has won trial verdicts in complex business litigation matters as well as insurance bad faith lawsuits.

Ken Seeger is an accomplished trial lawyer, with extensive experience in both personal injury and complex commercial and class action litigation. Known nationally for his pharmaceutical and medical device litigation practice, Ken serves as part of the Plaintiffs’ Leadership in the DePuy ASR Hip Implant Litigation and the DePuy Pinnacle Hip Implant Litigation.  Ken also served as national litigation counsel for Sulzer Orthopedics in more than 4000 civil actions following a product recall. He has been appointed by federal and state judges to leadership positions in coordinated litigation proceedings involving recalled orthopedic implants, defibrillators and nasal products, as well as other cases.

Ken also devotes considerable time to pro bono projects and was awarded the Lawyers’ Committee for Civil Rights’ Father Moriarty Award for his work on behalf of political asylum applicants as well as the Lawyers’ Committee’s “Living the Dream” award for his career-long support.

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Isaac Walrath is the chief paralegal at Seeger Salvas LLP, a boutique firm specializing in medical device and pharmaceutical product liability litigation.  Since January 2012, Isaac has been heavily involved in the DePuy ASR Hip Implant Litigation and the DePuy Pinnacle Hip Implant Litigation, as well as the Reglan/Metoclopramide Litigation, all nationally coordinated proceedings.  

Isaac received a Bachelor’s of Science in Environmental Policy Analysis and Planning from UC Davis in 2009, and is fluent in Mandarin Chinese.


Plaintiff Interview Forms:

1-001.    Prescription Medical Device

1-002.    Prescription Pharmaceutical

1-003.    Over-the-counter Medical Device or Pharmaceutical

1-004.    Automobile

1-005.    Other Products and Components

Defendant Interview Forms:

1-006.    Prescription Medical Device

1-007.    Prescription Pharmaceutical

1-008.    Over-the-counter Medical Device or Pharmaceutical

1-009.    Automobile

1-010.    Other Products and Components


Intake Documents

1-011.    Plaintiff: Medical Authorization – HIPAA

1-012.    Both Plaintiff and Defendant:  Litigation Hold Notice

1-013.    Contingency Retainer – costs shared by client

1-014.    Contingency Retainer – costs paid by client

1-015.    Contingency Retainer – costs advanced by client

1-016.    Contingency Retainer – costs advanced by firm

1-017.    Hourly Retainer – Long Form

1-018.    Hourly Retainer – Short Form



2-001.    Introduction Letter to New Client

2-002.    Request Missing Intake Information

2-003.    Enclosing Med Authorizations

2-004.    Enclosing Med Authorizations Update

2-005.    Rejection Letter – Non-Engagement Letter

2-006.    Request Property Damage Photos/Estimate

2-007.    Requesting Client’s Insurance Information

2-008.    Treatment Status Letter

2-009.    Request Product Inspection

2-010.    Request Location Inspection

2-011.    Enclose Draft Complaint

2-012.    Enclosing Filed Summons and Complaint

2-013.    Enclosing Opponents Discovery Requests to Client

2-014.    Advise Client of Defense Medical Exam

2-015.    Advise Client of Deposition and Schedule Preparation

2-016.    Advise Client of Deposition Transcript with Correction Form

2-017.    Advise Client of Case Status

2-018.    Advise Client of Settlement Conference/Mediation

2-019.    Advise Client to Contact Office re Settlement Authority

2-020.    Advise Client to Contact Office to Discuss Settlement Offer

2-021.    Advise Client of Trial Date

2-022.    Advise Client of Minor’s Compromise Exam

2-023.    Transmittal of Draft Settlement Agreement and Release

2-024.    Transmittal of Final Settlement Agreement and Release

2-025.    Enclosing Settlement Check, Settlement & Closing Statements




3-001.    School Records File

3-002.    Employment Records

3-003.    Health Insurance File

3-004.    Legal File – Prior Matter

3-005.    Release of Health Information Pursuant to HIPAA


Letters of Representation

3-006.    Letter of Representation to Tortfeasor’s Insurance Carrier

3-007.    Letter of Representation to Health Insurance Carrier

3-008.    Substitution of Counsel

3-009.    Letter of Representation to Prior Attorney

3-010.    Letter of Representation to Witness


Records Request

3-011.    Police Report Request to Police Department

3-012.    To Doctor/Health Care Provider – Initial Letter

3-013.    To Doctor/Health Care Provider – Requesting Billing Records

3-014.    To Health Insurer Requesting Billing Records

3-015.    Records Request to Employer

3-016.    Records Request to School

3-017.    Records Request to Worker’s Compensation Carrier



4-001.    Complaint – Prescription Medical Device that was 510k approved

4-002.    Complaint – Prescription Medical Device that was PMA approved

4-003.    Complaint – Prescription Pharmaceutical vs. Brand

4-004.    Complaint – Prescription Pharmaceutical vs. Generic 

4-005.    Complaint – Over-the-counter Device or Pharmaceutical (Generic/Brand)

4-006.    Complaint – Automobile

4-007.    Complaint – Other Products and Components 


Required Judicial Council Forms

4-008.    California Civil Case Cover Sheet

4-009.    Summons



5-001.    Answer– Prescription Medical Device (510k/PMA approved)

5-002.    Answer – Prescription Pharmaceutical (vs. Brand/Generic)

5-003.    Answer – Over-the-counter Medical Device

5-004.    Answer – Over-the-counter Pharmaceutical 

5-005.    Answer – Automobile 

5-006.    Answer – Other Products and Components







6-001.    Plaintiff’s Document Request – Prescription Medical Device

6-002.    Plaintiff’s Document Request – Prescription Pharmaceutical 

6-003.    Plaintiff’s Document Request – Over-the-counter Medical Device

6-004.    Plaintiff’s Document Request – Over-the-counter Pharmaceutical

6-005.    Plaintiff’s Document Request – Automobile

6-006.    Plaintiff’s Document Request – Other Products and Components

6-007.    Defendant’s Document Request – Prescription Medical Device

6-008.    Defendant’s Document Request – Prescription Pharmaceutical

6-009.    Defendant’s Document Request – Over-the-counter Medical Device

6-010.    Defendant’s Document Request – Over-the-counter Pharmaceutical

6-011.    Defendant’s Document Request – Automobile

6-012.    Defendant’s Document Request – Other Products and Components

6-013.    Inspection Demand – testing or sampling, site inspection, etc.

6-014.    Special Interrogatories – Plaintiff

6-015.    Special Interrogatories – Plaintiff - Prescription Medical Device

6-016.    Special Interrogatories – Defendant

6-017.    Special Interrogatories – Defendant - Prescription Medical Device

6-018.    Declaration for Additional Discovery

6-019.    Judicial Council Form Interrogatories

6-020.    Requests for Admissions

6-021.    Notice of Deposition of Person – recorded stenographically or video

6-022.    Notice of Deposition of Corporation – recorded stenographically or video

6-023.    Notice of Deposition with Documents

6-024.    Subpoena for Deposition of Third Party Witness

6-025.    Subpoena for Deposition of Third Party Witness with Documents

6-026.    Subpoena for Production of Business Records

6-027.    Demand for Exchange of Expert Witness Information

6-028.    Expert Witness Disclosure


Court Filings/Documents

6-029.    Substitution of Attorney

6-030.    Attorney Change of Address

6-031.    Filing Proof of Service of Summons

6-032.    Case Management Statement



6-033.    Transmittal to Court Enclosing Document for Filing

6-034.    Lien Acknowledgement Letter to Doctor

6-035.    Expert Retention Letter 



7-001.    Request for Default 

7-002.    Motion to Withdraw as Counsel

7-003.    Ex Parte Application for Protective Order re Confidentiality

7-004.    Motion to Compel

7-005.    Summary Judgment / Summary Adjudication

7-006.    Request for Trial de Novo Following Arbitration

7-007.    Application for Good Faith Settlement

7-008.    Notice of Settlement – Judicial Council Form

7-009.    Motion In Limine

7-010.    Notice of Entry of Order



8-001.    Pre-Trial Checklist

8-002.    Trial Subpoena

8-003.    Exhibit List 

8-004.    Witness List

8-005.    Party’s Proposed Jury Instructions

8-006.    Party’s Proposed Jury Verdict Form

8-007.    Trial Brief

8-008.    Judgment after Trial – Judicial Council Form 

8-009.    Memorandum of Costs – Summary 

8-010.    Memorandum of Costs After Judgement



9-001.    C.C.P. Section 998 Settlement Demand

9-002.    998 Offer to Compromise – Judicial Council Form

9-003.    Settlement Agreement and Release (short form)

9-004.    Settlement Agreement and Release (long form w/Confidential & Mutual Release)

9-005.    Request for Dismissal – Judicial Council Form