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Robert M. Singer

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NEW EDITION 2015! Last edition published in 2009.

Expanded and updated author commentary and practice tips for each chapter.

New forms!

Every civil litigator has a client who needs to collect money or resist collection efforts. Whether you handle one or hundreds of collection matters, you'll want the wide array of MODEL FORMS Robert Singer has assembled from his expansive practice. In addition to supplying all the model forms you need, each chapter of the book is preceded by a commentary section, with practical advice on how, when, where, and why the forms are filed.

You'll find model forms to bring your matter from pretrial investigation through post judgment procedures, with special sections on bankruptcy and attorney fees. Low-tech and easy to use, the CD allows for easy drafting and editing of a large variety of Word documents. The 8 ½ x 11 soft cover book contains a printed version of each form, and is organized to walk you through:





















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  • Robert M. Singer

Attorney Robert M. Singer is a debt collections litigator in Hamden, CT.  Since 1988, Mr. Singer has provided debt collection services to both businesses and individuals. As a result of his expansive collections practice, he has compiled over 250+ model collection forms in this book. This book will assist your firm and firm's clients with the collection of outstanding receivables as well as provide practical advice through your collection efforts.

Table of Contents



1-000   Commentary - Pretrial Investigation

1-001   Retainer Agreement - Contingency Fees

1-002   Retainer Agreement - Hourly Fees

1-003   FDCPA Notice - Initial Communication

1-004   FDCPA Notice - Subsequent Communication

1-005   FDCPA Letter

1-006   FDCPA Letter - Second Notice

1-007   Demand Letter - Commercial Claim

1-008   Mechanics Lien

1-009   Contract Clauses -Integration Clauses

1-010   Contract Clauses - Contract Interpretation - Joint Effort

1-011   Contracts of Adhesion

1-012   Choice of Law Provision

1-013   Choice of Forum Provision

1-014   Checklist - Scoring Debt for Collection Attorneys

1-015   Letter Rejecting Claim


2          SMALL CLAIMS

2-000   Commentary

2-001   Small Claims Writ and Notice of Suit

2-002   Motion to Transfer



3-000   Commentary - Prejudgment Remedies

3-001   Court Provided Form - Notice of Application for Prejudgment Remedy with Hearing

3-002   Court Provided Form - Notice of Application for Prejudgment Remedy without Hearing

3-003   Application for Attachment (Prior to Filing Suit) - Application for Prejudgment Remedy

3-004   Application for Attachment (Prior to Filing Suit) - Affidavit in Support of Prejudgment Remedy

3-005   Application for Attachment (Prior to Filing Suit) - Order for Hearing

3-006   Application for Attachment (Prior to Filing Suit) - Summons

3-007   Application for Attachment (Prior to Filing Suit) - Order Granting Prejudgment Remedy with Hearing

3-008   Application for Attachment (Prior to Filing Suit) - Order Granting Prejudgment Remedy without Hearing

3-009   Application for Attachment (Prior to Filing Suit) - Bond

3-010   Application for Attachment (Prior to Filing Suit) - Writ Summon and Direction for Attachment

3-011   Application for Attachment (Prior to Filing Suit) - Complaint

3-012   Writ of Replevin

3-013   Writ of Replevin - Application

3-014   Writ of Replevin - Writ and Summons (For Filing Suit After Prejudgment Remedy Order)

3-015   Writ of Replevin - Complaint

3-016   Affidavit in Support of Prejudgment Remedy - Replevin

3-017   Summons for Hearing

3-018   Order After Hearing Regarding Replevin

3-019   Application for Attachment (After Filing Suit)

3-020   Objection to Application for Attachment, Request for Hearing and Motion for Bond

3-021   Motion to Disclose Assets

3-022   Lis Pendens (Foreign Judgment)

3-023   Application for Temporary Receiver

3-024   Application for Injunction

3-025   Civil Summons

3-026   Letter to Clerk Regarding Prejudment Remedy


4          ARBITRATION

4-000   Commentary - Arbitration by Agreement

4-001   Contractual Language

4-002   Objection to Arbitration (To the Court)

4-003   Motion to Compel Arbitration

4-004   Application to Confirm Arbitration Award

4-005   Application to Vacate Arbitration Award

4-006   Motion to Dismiss

4-007   Supplemental Brief - Motion to Dismiss

4-008   Objection to Motion to Dismiss

4-009   Objection to Arbitration (To the Arbitration Forum)


5          SUMMONS

5-000   Commentary - Summons Requirements

5-001   Summons Form

5-002   Letter to Marshall Directing Service to Corporation



6-000   Commentary - Actions for Accounting

6-001   Complaint - Actions Between Cotenants

6-002   Complaint - Action Between Partners

6-003   Answer

6-004   Request for Admission

6-005   Special Defenses

6-006   Motion for Clarification of Accountant's Decision

6-007   Objection to Plaintiff's Motion for Clarification

6-008   Motion to Correct Finding of Fact by the Accountant

6-009   Motion for Judgment Approving Findings of Accountant

6-010   Objection to Findings of Accountant


7          COMPLAINTS

7-000   Commentary - Complaints

7-001   Foreclosure of Mechanics Lien

7-002   Motion to Discharge or Reduce Mechanics Lien

7-003   Answer, Special Defenses and Counterclaim

7-004   Reply to Special Defenses

7-005   Complaint for Collection on Personal Property Lease

7-006   Complaint for Collection of Sum Certain - Promissory Note

7-007   Complaint for Conversion

7-008   Complaint for Theft

7-009   Complaint on Contract

7-010   Complaint in Quantum Meruit

7-011   Complaint in Quasi Contract

7-012   Complaint for Fraudulent Transfer

7-013   Complaint Re: Successor Liability

7-014   Complaint on Subrogation Claim

7-015   Complaint with Count for Corporate Piercing

7-016   Complaint on Credit Card Debt

7-017   Complaint Against Individual Re: Dissolved Corporation

7-018   Action on Judgment - Conn. Gen. Stat. 52-602

7-019   Complaint for Real Estate Commission Due

7-020   Complaint for Money Due - Repossessed Vehicle

7-021   Memorandum to Marshal on Service of Process



8-000   Commentary - Action on Judgment

8-001   Action on Judgment

8-002   Recordation of Foreign Judgment

8-003   Special Defenses - Improper Jurisdiction Under Long Arm Statute

8-004   Special Defenses - Improper Jurisdiction Due to Vague Forum Selection Clause in Contract

8-005   Judgment of Court Outside the U.S.


9          MOTIONS

9-000   Commentary - Motions

9-001   Motion for Default for Failure to Appear

9-002   Motion for Default for Failure to Plead

9-003   Request to Revise

9-004   Motion to Strike

9-005   Memorandum in Support of Motion to Strike

9-006   Notice to All Parties of Filing Notice of Removal

9-007   Notice of Filing Notice of Removal to the Judges and Parties

9-008   Motion to Compel Discovery

9-009   Motion for Nonsuit for Failure to Respond to Discovery

9-010   Motion for Order Excluding Evidence

9-011   Motion for Order of Compliance with Discovery

9-012   Motion To Change Venue

9-013   Certificate of Closed Pleadings

9-014   Claim for Jury

9-015   Request for Leave to File Amended Complaint

9-016   Offer of Judgment - Plaintiff

9-017   Offer of Judgment - Defendant

9-018   Motion to Set Aside Default

9-019   Motion for Order to Show Cause

9-020   Motion for Summary Judgment

9-021   Motion to Substitute Plaintiff

9-022   Motion In Limine

9-023   Motion for Judgment (Sum Certain)

9-024   Motion for Extension of Time

9-025   Motion to Cite (In Third Party)

9-026   Motion to Seal

9-027   Motion to Correct Name

9-028   Motion to Determine that Judgment Has Been Satisfied

9-029   Motion to Open Judgment

9-030   Motion for Attorney's Fees

9-031   Motion for Order on Request to Revise

9-032   Motion for Summary Judgment



10-000 Commentary - Counterclaims

10-001 Answer and Special Defenses

10-002 Counterclaim for Fraud

10-003 Counterclaim for Unfair Trade Practices

10-004 Answer to Special Defenses

10-005 Counterclaim on Consumer Collection - Outside of Proper Federal District Suit Under FDCPA



11-000 Commentary - General and Special Defenses

11-001 Statute of Limitations - Negligence Claim

11-002 Statute of Limitations - Breach of Contract Claim

11-003 Lack of Capacity - Under the Age of Majority

11-004 Lack of Capacity - Mental Incapacity

11-005 Fraud

11-006 Waiver

11-007 Mutual Mistake

11-008 Statute of Frauds - Answering for the Debt of Another

11-009 Statute of Frauds - Work Taking Longer Than One Year to Perform

11-010 Defective Goods

11-011 Disputing Amount of Debt

11-012 Failure to Perform Services


12        DISCOVERY

12-000 Commentary - Discovery

12-001 Plaintiff's Request for Production - Commission Salesperson

12-002 Plaintiff's Request for Production - Conversion/Theft

12-003 Plaintiff's Request for Production - Breach of Contract

12-004 Plaintiff's Request for Production - Fraudulent Transfer

12-005 Plaintiff's Request for Production - Credit Card Debt

12-006 Defendant's Request for Production - Credit Card Debt

12-007 Defendant's Request for Production - Services Provided

12-008 Plaintiff's Interrogatories - Formation of Contract

12-009 Plaintiff's Interrogatories - Modification of Contract

12-010 Plaintiff's Interrogatories - Breach of Contract

12-011 Plaintiff's Interrogatories - Fraudulent Transfer

12-012 Plaintiff's Interrogatories - Theft

12-013 Defendant's Interrogatories - Money Due

12-014 Defendant's Interrogatories and Requests for Production - Service Agreement

12-015 Defendant's Interrogatories - Defective Goods

12-016 Defendant's Interrogatories - Counterclaim

12-017 Plaintiff's Request for Admission - Fixed Amount Due

12-018 Plaintiff's Request for Admission - Goods Provided

12-019 Plaintiff's Request for Admission - Unjust Enrichment

12-020 Plaintiff's Request for Admission - Conversion/Theft

12-021 Plaintiff's Request for Admission - Fraudulent Transfer

12-022 Notice of Deposition

12-023 Subpoena Duces Tecum

12-024 Application to Quash Subpoena

12-025 Notice of Compliance with Discovery



13-000 Commentary

13-001 Disclosure of Expert Witness - Standard of Care

13-002 Disclosure of Expert Witness - Valuation of Professional Services



14-000 Commentary - Court Annexed Alternative Dispute Resolution

14-001 Motion to Refer to Attorney Trial Referee

14-002 Motion to Refer to Fact Finder

14-003 Objection to Motion to Refer to Fact Finder

14-004 Motion for Judgment on Fact Finder's Report

14-005 Objection to Fact Finder's Report



15-000 Commentary - Trial Questions

15-001 Breach of Contract

15-002 Breach of Contract - Professional Services

15-003 Conversion - Theft of Money

15-004 Promissory Note

15-005 Sucessor Liability

15-006 Cross Examination - Credit Card Debt

15-007 Direct Examination - Credit Card Debt


16        JUDGMENTS

16-000 Commentary - Judgments

16-001 Motion for Default for Failure to Appear - Judgment and Order for Weekly Payments

16-002 Affidavit of Debt Re: Motion for Default for Failure to Appear - Judgment and Order for Weekly Payments

16-003 Notice of Judgment and Order for Weekly Payments

16-004 Motion for Judgment

16-005 Affidavit of Debt

16-006 Affidavit of Debt (Long Form)

16-007 Affidavit of Attorney's Fees - Consumer Case

16-008 Affidavit of Attorney's Fees - Nonconsumer Case

16-009 Motion to Open Judgment

16-010 Bill of Costs

16-011 Notice of Judgment

16-012 Judgment File

16-013 Affidavit of Lost Bank/Property Execution

16-014 Affidavit of Bankruptcy

16-015 Motion for Interest on Offer of Judgment

16-016 Stipulation for Judgment



17-000 Commentary - Postjudgment Procedures

17-001 Judgment Lien on Real Estate

17-002 Judgment Lien on Personal Property

17-003 Judgment Lien on Boat

17-004 Financial Institution Execution Proceedings - Judgment Debtor Who is a Natural Person

17-005 Financial Institution Execution Proceedings - Exemption Claim Form

17-006 Financial Institution Execution Proceedings - Judgment Debtor Who is Not a Natural Person

17-007 Property Executions - Letter to Marshall

17-008 Property Executions - Application, Order, Execution

17-009 Property Execution - Exemption Claim Form

17-010 Wage Execution - Application, Order, Execution

17-011 Wage Execution - Exemption and Modification Claim Form

17-012 Motion for Installment Payments

17-013 Affidavit Re Lost Wage Execution

17-014 Motion to Turn Over Assets (Personal Property)

17-015 Motion to Modify Wage Execution

17-016 Post Judgment Interrogatories - Cover Sheet

17-017 Post Judgment Interrogatories - Interrogatories

17-018 Motion to Compel Reponses to Post Judgment Interrogatories

17-019 Motion for Sanctions for Failure to Disclose Assets (Sufficient To Satisfy Judgment)

17-020 Petition for Examination of Judgment Debtor and Notice of Hearing

17-021 Motion for Capias to Compel Examination of Judgment Debtor

17-022 Interrogatories for Examination of Judgment Debtor

17-023 Subpoena to Debtor

17-024 Motion for Contempt (With Demand for Attorney's Fees)

17-025 Motion for Supplemental Discovery

17-026 Subpoena to Third Party for Records of Debtor

17-027 Motion to Turn Over Assets

17-028 Charging Orders

17-029 Action on Judgment (Prior to expiration of Statute of Limitations)

17-030 Motion to Terminate Stay Following Appeal

17-031 Motion for Review Re (Denial Of) Motion to Terminate Stay

17-032 Release - Breach of Contact

17-033 Release - All Claims

17-034 Withdrawal of Action

17-035 Notice of Satisfaction of Judgment

17-036 Release of Lien

17-037 Settlement Agreement

17-038 Mortgage

17-039 Promissory Note

17-040 Motion to Determine that Judgment Has Been Satisfied

17-042 Motion to Set Off Judgments


18        BANKRUPTCY

18-000 Commentary - Bankruptcy

18-001 Complaint Objecting to Discharge Based on Fraud

18-002 Complaint Objecting to Dischargeability of Debt Based on Theft

18-003 Complaint to Revoke Discharge

18-004 Motion for Extension of Time to File Objection to Discharge

18-005 Motion for Relief from Stay

18-006 Motion to Dismiss or Convert

18-007 Motion to Avoid Liens

18-008 Objection to Debtor's Claim of Exemption

18-009 Proof of Claim

18-010 Objection to Late Filed Proof of Claim

18-011 Objection to Proof of Claim Due to Improper Classification

18-012 Motion for Permission to File Late Proof of Claim

18-013 Reaffirmation Agreement

18-014 Objection to Confirmation

18-015 Motion for 2004 Examination

18-016 Subpoena for 2004 Examination

18-017 Appearance

18-018 Bankruptcy Short Calender Procedure - Notice of Bar Date for Objection to Order

18-019 Bankruptcy Short Calender Procedure - Bar Date Certification

18-020 Bankruptcy Short Calender Procedure - Request for Entry of Proposed Order

18-021 Bankruptcy Short Calender Procedure - Request for a Hearing

18-022 Motion and Request for Expedited Hearing



19-000 Commentary

19-001 Arbitration Clauses

19-002 Complaint

19-003 Answer, Special Defenses, and Counterclaim

19-004 Reply to Special Defenses and Counterclaim by Plaintiff

19-005 Answer to Special Defenses

19-006 Motion for Summary Judgment on CounterclaimBased on Statute of Limitations



20-001 New Home Construction Fund - Fact Sheet

20-002 New Home Construction Fund - Application

20-003 New Home Improvement Contractor - Fact Sheet

20-004 New Home Improvement Contractor - Application



21-000 Commentary

21-001 Notice of Claim