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Library of New York Matrimonial Law Forms

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200+ model documents for forms on all aspects of divorce: complaints, answers, discovery, pendent lite motions, trials, appeals, enforcement & modification of judgments & pre/post-nuptial agreements.

Library of New York Matrimonial Law Forms is a comprehensive library of 200+ model documents. Library includes forms for all aspects of divorce, including complaints, answers, discovery, pendent lite motions, trials, appeals, enforcement and modification of judgments, and prenuptial and post-nuptial agreements. This soft cover book contains a printed version of each form. 

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Chapter 1. Client Intake 1


1-001 Matrimonial Fact Sheet 2

1-002 Statement of Client’s Rights and Responsibilities 5

1-003 Sample Retainer Agreement – Matrimonial Action 9

1-004 Sample Retainer Agreement – Pre-Nuptial Agreement 16

1-005 Sample Retainer Agreement – Family Court Action 19

1-006 Sample Retainer Agreement – Appeal 26

1-007 Sample Retainer Agreement – Post Judgment Enforcement Proceeding 32

1-008 Introductory Letter to Client’s Spouse 40

1-009 Part 137 New York State Fee Dispute Resolution Program 41

1-010 Sample Guarantee Agreement 54

1-011 Introductory Letter to Client 56

1-012 Letter to Client’s Spouse Revoking Power of Attorney 57


Chapter 2. Pleadings 58


2-001 Summons with Notice to Set Aside Pre-Nuptial Agreement 59

2-002 Summons with Notice in Action for Divorce 61

2-003 Notice of Statutory Automatic Restraining Order in Divorce Action 65

2-004 Stipulation Extending Time to Serve Complaint 67

Verified Complaint – Matrimonial Actions

2-005 Cause of Action – DRL § 170(1) Cruel and Inhuman Treatment 69

2-006 Cause of Action – DRL § 170(2) Abandonment 74

2-007 Cause of Action – DRL § 170(2) Abandonment (Constructive) 78

2-008 Cause of Action – DRL § 170(3) Confinement in Prison 82

2-009 Cause of Action – DRL § 170(4) Adultery 86

2-010 Cause of Action – DRL § 170(5) Living Separate and Apart Pursuant to Decree or Judgment 91

2-011 Cause of Action – DRL § 170(6) Living Separate and Apart Pursuant to Agreement 94

2-012 Cause of Action – DRL § 170(7) Irretrievable Breakdown 97

2-013 Cause of Action – Necessaries 103

2-014 Cause of Action – Support under Article 4 of the Family Court Act 107

Verified Complaint – Plenary Actions

2-015 Cause of Action – Set Aside a Pre-Nuptial Agreement 111

2-016 Cause of Action – Imposition of Constructive Trust 116

2-017 Verified Answer 120

2-018 Verified Answer (Vacate Agreement) 123

2-019 Verified Answer with Sample Affirmative Defense 128

2-020 Verified Answer with Sample Counterclaims 132

2-021 Verified Reply 137

2-022 Writ of Habeas Corpus 140

2-023 Petition for Writ of Habeas Corpus 142

2-024 Affidavit of Personal Service of Summons and Complaint 146

2-025 Authorization to Accept Service 148

2-026 Authorization to Accept Service and Acknowledgement of Service 150

2-027 Notice of Appearance and Demand for Complaint 152

2-028 Demand for Bill of Particulars 155

2-029 Verified Bill of Particulars 158

2-030 Consent to Change Attorneys 161

2-031 Stipulation Resolving Grounds 163

2-032 Stipulation Discontinuing Action 165

2-033 Notice of Discontinuance 167

2-034 Notice of Intention to Amend Complaint 169


Chapter 3. Preliminary Conference Forms and Miscellaneous Court Forms 171


3-001 General Warning 172

3-002 Request for Judicial Intervention – Main Form 173

3-003 Request for Judicial Intervention – Addendum 175

3-004 Request for Judicial Intervention – Matrimonial Addendum 176

3-005 Office of Court Administration – Explanation of Revisions 177

3-006 Request for Preliminary Conference 185

3-007 Matrimonial Intake Sheet 187

3-008 Preliminary Conference/Stipulation Order – Contested Matrimonial 189

3-009 Custody and Visitation Legislation Maps/Database Review Information Sheet 196

3-010 Affirmation of Counsel Regarding Forensic Reports 198

3-011 Stipulation for Referral to Family Case Analyst 199

3-012 Stipulation/Order for Referral to Family Case Analyst [Custody Visitation] 200

3-013 Stipulation/Order for Referral to Family Case Analyst [Issues to be Resolved] 201

3-014 Consolidation Order 202

3-015 Order Appointing Appraiser/Evaluator (Short Form) 203

3-016 Order Appointing Appraiser/Evaluator (Long Form) 204

3-017 Order Appointing Forensic Evaluator for Custody Proceedings 208

3-018 Order Appointing Real Estate Appraiser 212


Chapter 4. Discovery 213


4-001 Statement of Net Worth 214

4-002 Demand for Statement of Net Worth 230

4-003 Demand for Discovery and Inspection 232

4-004 Notice to Take Deposition Upon Oral Examination 239

4-005 Interrogatories 246

4-006 Demand for Address 289

4-007 Notice of Entry onto Property Pursuant to CPLR § 3120 291

4-008 Demand for Expert Witness Information Pursuant to CPLR § 3101(d) 293

4-009 Demand for Electronic Media Pursuant to CPLR §3101(e)

Rosalie Biaimonte

Ms. Baiamonte has been engaged exclusively in the practice of matrimonial and family law since her admission to the New York State bar in 1994 after graduating from Brandeis University, B.A., cum laude, 1990, and then Syracuse University College of Law, J.D., magna cum laude in 1993. She is currently a member of the Matrimonial Law Committee of the Nassau County Bar Association, where she presently serves as Second Vice Chair; as well as a member of the Family Law Section, Executive Committee and CLE Committee of the New York State Bar Association. Aside from this, she was also an Associate Editor of the Domestic Relations Reporter, a legal publication by Matthew Bender & Co., from 1995 through 1996. Having prosecuted and defended more than one dozen appeals involving matrimonial and family law issues, and has assisted in numerous trials and hearings involving complex equitable distribution issues and contested custody matters, her appellate advocacy experience is incredibly well rounded. Ms. Baiamonte also served as an Arbitrator in the Early Neutral Evaluation Program in the Supreme Court of the State of New York, Nassau County, and is a frequent lecturer on various matrimonial topics for the New York State and Nassau County Bar Associations and New York State Judicial Institute.

Stephen Gassman

Stephen Gassman is a member of both the Nassau County (President, 1988-1989) and New York State (Chair, Family Law Section, 1992-1994) Bar Associations. He attended the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill, B.A., 1967, and then New York Law School, J.D., 1971.  Mr. Gassman  practices in matrimonial and family law, litigation, and appellate practice, and is one of fewer than 100 trial lawyers nationwide to be designated as a Diplomate of the exclusive American College of Family Trial Lawyers. Having been actively practicing in matrimonial law for over 30 years, and, as the founding member of the firm, he has successfully tried hundreds of matrimonial cases, and settled thousands of cases, throughout his career. In addition, he has also served as appellate counsel in the Appellate Division and the Court of Appeals, and The New York Post has written that he is regarded as the top divorce lawyer in Nassau County. Mr. Gassman has authored numerous publications on all facets of matrimonial law, and is an editor of Fairshare, a monthly matrimonial law publication. He has also authored a chapter on the Use of Appraisers in the Valuation of Marital Property, published by Matthew Bender, as well as articles for the New York State Bar Association's Family Law Review, and lectured extensively to bar groups and at judicial symposiums of various levels.

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