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This is a comprehensiv guide of the law at every level as it applies to cable networks, to cable's satellite competitors, and to the convergence of these technologies with the broadband Internet.

All About Cable and Broadband (formerly All About Cable) is a forward-looking, comprehensive survey of the law at every level as it applies to cable networks and their television systems, to cable's satellite competitors, and to the convergence of these technologies with the broadband Internet and digital telephony.

Cited by the Supreme Court in Turner Broadcasting v. Federal Communications Commission, All About Cable and Broadband provides a comprehensive guide for entrepreneurs and attorneys on a broad range of topics, including: content regulation; horizontal and vertical ownership; interactive television; franchise transfer; pole attachments for information services; rate regulation; access to multiple-dwelling units; broadcast signal carriage; effective competition; subscriber privacy rights; access channels; theft of service; copyright; preemption; and conflict law. Additionally, the treatise addresses the new universe of questions raised by the proliferation of wireless devices.

#00570; looseleaf, one volume, 1,198; published in 1981, updated as needed; no additional charge for updates during your subscription. Looseleaf print subscribers receive supplements. The online edition is updated automatically. ISBN: 978-1-58852-012-8

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James C. Goodale
A former vice chairman of The New York Times, James C. Goodale is the founder of Debevoise & Plimpton's LLP's communications law practice in New York and Washington, D.C. Mr. Goodale, who received his B.A. from Yale University and his J.D. from the University of Chicago Law School, has taught communications law at Yale, New York University and Fordham Law Schools. He is also a past chairman of the New York State Bar Special Committee on Access and the Communications Law Committee of the Association of the Bar of the City of New York.
Rob Frieden
Rob Frieden serves as Pioneers Chair and is a Professor of Telecommunications and Law at Penn State University.
A Brief History of Cable Television in the United States

§ 1.01 Early Broadcasting Regulation
§ 1.02 Early Cable
§ 1.03 First FCC Review of Cable
§ 1.04 1959 First Report and Order
§ 1.05 The Carter Mountain Case
§ 1.06 The Intermountain Broadcasting and CableVision Cases
§ 1.07 The 1965 Order and Inquiry
§ 1.08 Legislative Proposals and Congressional Hearings
§ 1.09 The 1966 Second Report and Order
§ 1.10 Restrictions on Telephone Common Carriers
§ 1.11 1968-1972 Events
§ 1.12 The 1972 Cable Rules
§ 1.13 Copyrights
§ 1.14 The 1984 Cable Act
§ 1.15 The 1992 Cable Act
[1] Consideration of Re-Regulation of Cable
[2] Enactment of the 1992 Cable Act
[3] Effects of the 1992 Act
[4] Implementation and Judicial Review of the 1992 Act
§ 1.16 The Telecommunications Act of 1996
[1] Enactment of the 1996 Telecommunications Act
[2] Effects of the 1996 Act
[3] Implementation and Judicial Review of the 1996 Act
§ 1.17 Recent Developments
[1] Assessment of the Status of Competition in the Market for the Delivery of Video Programming
[2] Pricing and Usage Statistics
[3] Mergers

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