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“This book deserves to become a standard reference text in law libraries and a regular source for any lawyer implementing or litigating a commercial transaction.”
ALI-ABA Insider

Traditionally, “boilerplate” refers to the standardized, “one size fits all” provisions that generally appear at the end of a contract, including choice of law, notice, arbitration, force majeure and assignments. Lawyers often take these provisions for granted, forgetting that significant business and legal issues lurk within them. Prudent lawyers carefully examine and tailor these provisions to meet the needs of individual transactions.

Negotiating and Drafting Contract Boilerplate educates lawyers and business professionals on the underlying rationale and importance of boilerplate language. Each chapter tackles a different contractual provision, over twenty in all, and analyzes why it is important, what the key legal and business issues are, what is negotiable and what is not, and how best to draft the provision to suit a particular transaction. This best-selling book will give you a competitive edge—and a new understanding and appreciation of language you've seen countless times.

Book #ALM11; softcover, one volume, 675 pages and one CD-ROM; published in 2003.
ISBN: 978-1-58852-105-7

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