Maslanka’s Texas Field GuideTo Employment Law

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Michael P. Maslanka

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A must-have book for any HR professional, manager or entrepreneur, and the attorneys representing them.

All of Maslanka's popular Employment Field Guides have been updated, revised and gathered into one 1000+ page volume. Each chapter shares exclusive commentary gleaned from Professor Maslanka's 34 years as a Texas employment lawyer. 

Maslanka Walks Through
  • Which business must comply with each law.
  • Where to find the text of each law.
  • Which federal agency enforces each law.
  • What each law allows and prohibits.
  • Practical tips to remain within the scope of the law.
  • Resources for further research and information.
Only Maskanka's Field Guide has
  • Annotation of The Code of Federal Regulations.
  • An emphasis on cases from the Fifth Circuit and district courts in Texas.
  • Annotation of the Texas Labor Code.
  • This volume updates and replaces:
  • Maslanka's Field Guide to the Family & Medical Leave Act 2015
  • Maslanka's Field Guide to the Fair Labor Standards Act 2014
  • Maslanka's Field Guide to the Texas Commission on Human Rights Act & Texas Labor Code 2011
  • Maslanka's Field Guide to the Americans with Disabilities Act and its Amendments 2012
  • Maslanka's Pocket Guide to Employment Law

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  • Pub Date: 12/28/2018

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  • Michael P. Maslanka

Michael P. Maslanka is entering his 30th year of practice. He litigates and tries employment law cases across Texas. He shares his knowledge through his Work Matters blog,; his books, the Maslanka Field Guide series on employment law; and his monthly Work Matters column for In-House Texas. He uses his practical knowledge to help clients simplify their issues, and to be a cost-effective partner to them. 


Chambers USA states that he is a strong, insightful thinker who takes a holistic approach to resolving his clients challenges. A Chambers USA source states that he is the best teacher of labor and employment law . . . and just great before a jury. Mike has served as Adjunct Counsel to a Fortune 10 company where he provided multi-state counseling on employment matters. He also served as a Field Attorney for the National Labor Relations Board. He is Board Certified in Labor and Employment Law by the Texas Board of Legal Specialization. He is a Master of the Inns of Court. He also writes as the Literate Lawyer, a column on how literature makes us better lawyers and better people.

Chapter 1: The Family and Medical Leave Act
Chapter 2: The Fair Labor Standards Act
Chapter 3: The Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA)
Chapter 4: Texas Commission on Human Rights
Chapter 5: Texas Labor Code- Texas Unemployment Compensation Act
Chapter 6: Texas Labor Code- Payment of Wages
Chapter 7: Texas Government Code
Chapter 8: Texas Administrative Code
Appendix A Family Medical Leave Act Forms
Appendix B Department of Labor Opinion Letters for the Fair Labor Standards Act