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NYLJ 100

NOTE: This is available only through Legal Compass. Contact our Sales team at 888-770-5647 or by email [email protected] for information.

This is available only through Legal Compass. Contact our Sales team at 888-770-5647 or by email [email protected] for information.

Current through 2019.

The NYLJ 100 ranks the 100 largest firms by number of lawyers in the state of New York. (Attorney numbers for the public law offices of the Corporation Counsel, attorney general and U.S. and district attorneys are listed in separate charts.) Every private law office in the state is considered, irrespective of where the firm is headquartered or whether it claims a home office. Non-U.S.-based law firms are considered equally with domestic U.S. firms; the sole criterion for inclusion in the NYLJ 100 is the size of a firm's New York state presence.

Law offices are ranked by the total number of permanent, full-time-equivalent attorneys (partners plus associates plus "other attorneys"—staff attorneys, of counsel, etc.); where a firm has more than one office in New York state, the attorney totals for each office are added together to arrive at one state-wide total. In the case of a tie between or among firms, they are ranked equally but listed alphabetically. Firms' branch office totals are also listed; where a firm indicated that a branch office had zero attorneys in the previous calendar year, the branch was omitted from the list.

The NYLJ 100 is prepared from two primary sources: data obtained through the NLJ 350 survey of The National Law Journal, an affiliate of the New York Law Journal, and the New York Law Journal's own NYLJ 100 survey. All data are average full-time equivalent numbers for the period from Jan. 1 through Dec. 31 of the previous calendar year. Lawyer counts do not include contract or temporary attorneys.

Because attorney numbers are submitted in full-time equivalent terms, in some cases, due to rounding, numbers are slightly higher or lower than the figures submitted by the firms. Additionally, minor discrepancies between the total number of attorneys at a firm and the total number reported in branch offices are due to rounding. If the New York Law Journal received corrected or updated numbers from any firm surveyed by The National Law Journal, the corrected or updated numbers are used here.

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