Big Deals & Big Suits

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Learn the details behind the biggest suits and deals happening today. Find out the parties involved, the firms representing each party, the role of in-house counsel and specific transaction details including value and type.  Get the competitive intelligence you need to find new clients, and scout and recruit the best and brightest attorneys.

Track the firms and lawyers involved in the "hottest" deals and suits, from the monthly "Big Deals" and "Big Suits" departments published in The American Lawyer. ALM Intelligence Research staff have identified the key components of each deal and suit covered, to allow you to see who has represented the parties in the most significant deals and lawsuits handled by the major U.S., Canadian and U.K. firms. Includes:

* Type of transaction
* Parties to the transactions;
* Firms representing each party; and
* Attorneys representing each party, including in-house counsel
* Value or brief description of the transaction

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