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Am Law 100

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ALM's definitive ranking of America's top revenue-grossing law firms. The Am Law 100 is published annually in April:

  * Gross revenue, rank by gross revenue

  * Rank by gross revenue for prior year

  * Revenue per lawyer, rank by revenue per lawyer

  * Profits per partner, rank by profits per partner

  * Rank by profits per partner for prior year

  * Net income

  * Nonequity Compensation

  * Compensation average for all partners (CAP), rank by CAP

  * Value per lawyer, VPL rank

  * Profits per lawyer, PPL rank

  * Lawyers needed to generate $10 million

  * Profitability index and rank

  * Number of lawyers

  * Number of equity partners

  * Number of nonequity partners

  * Leverage

  * Profit margin

  * Contact information, including address, phone, fax, Web site address

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