Maslanka's Pocket Guide to Employment Law

Michael P. Maslanka

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The law is an art, not a science.

The Art of the Start

   +learn how to screen clients, understand the sales principle that the "best sale you make is the sale you don't make."

   + Sample engagement letters: what you will do and what you won't do

   + The three things you must know in representing multiple parties and how to document same

   + The biggest mistake that defendants make in litigation hold letters and how to fix it, with samples

  The Art of Counseling - They don't teach it in law school. Partners seldom clue you in. No more.

   + Counseling clients on how to decide to impose the employment law equivalent of capital punishment: termination

   + The power of questions―which ones to ask and when. Which questions to ask and when

   + Breaking bad news

   + How to turn bad news into good news: the art of reframing

   + Writing to be understood in a digital world

The Art of the Deposition

  + How to get the witness to canonize your witnesses

  + Getting a witness to commit

  + No lose questions for plaintiffs and defendants: know them, use them

  + Negotiating to get the answer you want

  + Controlling the witness

  + deposition preparation for the key witness

The Art of Ethical Decision Making

    + Pickett's charge at Gettysburg and its lessons

    + How to develop a proper response to a tough ethical issue

    + The use of storytelling to help clients find their wisdom

The Art of Persuasion

   + Developing a bottom line up front mindset

   + Using charts to persuade

   + How to persuade in retaliation, noncompete, ADA cases and more

   + Sample opening statements: how to construct and why

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  • Michael P. Maslanka

Michael P. Maslanka is entering his 30th year of practice. He litigates and tries employment law cases across Texas. He shares his knowledge through his Work Matters blog,; his books, the Maslanka Field Guide series on employment law; and his monthly Work Matters column for In-House Texas. He uses his practical knowledge to help clients simplify their issues, and to be a cost-effective partner to them. He opened the Dallas office of Constangy Brooks & Smith, LLP in January 2011.


Chambers USA states that he is a strong, insightful thinker who takes a holistic approach to resolving his clients challenges. A Chambers USA source states that he is the best teacher of labor and employment law . . . and just great before a jury. Mike has served as Adjunct Counsel to a Fortune 10 company where he provided multi-state counseling on employment matters. He also served as a Field Attorney for the National Labor Relations Board. He is Board Certified in Labor and Employment Law by the Texas Board of Legal Specialization. He is a Master of the Inns of Court. He also writes as the Literate Lawyer, a column on how literature makes us better lawyers and better people.

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