The law is an art, not a science.

The Art of the Start

   +learn how to screen clients, understand the sales principle that the "best sale you make is the sale you don't make."

   + Sample engagement letters: what you will do and what you won't do

   + The three things you must know in representing multiple parties and how to document same

   + The biggest mistake that defendants make in litigation hold letters and how to fix it, with samples

  The Art of Counseling - They don't teach it in law school. Partners seldom clue you in. No more.

   + Counseling clients on how to decide to impose the employment law equivalent of capital punishment: termination

   + The power of questions―which ones to ask and when. Which questions to ask and when

   + Breaking bad news

   + How to turn bad news into good news: the art of reframing

   + Writing to be understood in a digital world

The Art of the Deposition

  + How to get the witness to canonize your witnesses

  + Getting a witness to commit

  + No lose questions for plaintiffs and defendants: know them, use them

  + Negotiating to get the answer you want

  + Controlling the witness

  + deposition preparation for the key witness

The Art of Ethical Decision Making

    + Pickett's charge at Gettysburg and its lessons

    + How to develop a proper response to a tough ethical issue

    + The use of storytelling to help clients find their wisdom

The Art of Persuasion

   + Developing a bottom line up front mindset

   + Using charts to persuade

   + How to persuade in retaliation, noncompete, ADA cases and more

   + Sample opening statements: how to construct and why

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