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“A valuable practitioner's guide to of the Internet. It portrays the law as it is, a still evolving system in all it's complexity and contradiction.”
Esther Dyson, President and EDventure Holding's Former Chair; ICANN Board and
Former Chair; and Board Member Emeritus, Electronic Frontier Foundation

Internet and Online Law, by an all-star team of legal experts, is the most comprehensive book in the field. This authoritative work describes the nature and growth of the law of the Internet and explains the legal obligations, opportunities, rights, and risks inherent in this complex medium.

Internet and Online Law includes coverage of: negotiating enforceable contracts and licenses; identifying legal and business issues in electronic commerce; limiting liability for online defamation and factual misstatements; avoiding criminal obscenity or indecency charges; complying with government regulations affecting Internet and online services; and special aspects of procedure, jurisdiction and other litigation issues. The book also discusses: the fundamental principles of the Copyright Act and the Patent Act relevant to online technology; regulatory and congressional reports on Internet telephony, universal service and access charges; privacy and encryption issues; and the impact of the Internet and other electronic means of communication on the obligations of issuers and other parties under securities laws. Contract issues explored include: application of common law; the U.C.C.; the Statute of Frauds; parol evidence; and electronic and “shrinkwrap” agreements. Also covered are electronic signatures and authentication, trademark protection and domain names, legal consequences of owning a Web page or hosting a message board, and the value of warnings and disclaimers.

Book #00637; looseleaf, one volume, 946 pages; published in 1996, updated as needed; no additional charge for updates during your subscription. Looseleaf print subscribers receive supplements. The online edition is updated automatically. ISBN: 978-1-58852-074-6.

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