Inside/Outside: How Businesses Buy Legal Services

by Larry Smith

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“A superb exploration of the behind-the-scenes decision-making that goes into buying outside legal services.... Attorneys in both law firms and corporate law departments will find this book a revelation.”   —Jeff Kindler, former Chairman and CEO of Pfizer Inc.

What do buyers of legal services care about? What influences their decision to retain one firm and not another? How much are they swayed by law firm marketing?

In an era of unprecedented economic challenges, professional service firms thrive or die on the strength of their marketing and business development strategies. More than any other book, Inside/Outside: How Businesses Buy Legal Services uncovers the subtle nuances that affect buying decisions. Based on numerous in-depth interviews and exhaustive research, it is filled with insights from the in-house counsel of Fortune 100 as well as smaller companies on what they want from outside law firms and how they manage the selection process.

Inside/Outside also looks at the business/law firm relationship from the law firm perspective, showing why some firms succeed at developing business while others fail. Packed with analytical detail and buttressed by statistical evidence, its thorough coverage of the inside/outside relationship is required reading for buyers and sellers alike.

For businesses that are wondering what their counterparts around the world are doing, as well as for law firms that are building their practices, this book is a much-needed tool.

Book #ALM06; softcover, one volume, 379 pages; published in 2002. ISBN: 978-0-9705970-5-2

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  • Larry Smith

Larry Smith, Senior Vice President of Levick Strategic Communications, in Washington, DC, is one of the nation's leading law firm consultants in the areas of public relations, crisis and litigation management, and strategic media communications.

Chapter 1
How Buyers of Legal Services Think Today: Global Response to a Millennial Study

Brave New World
"Brain Divided in Two
A "Third Way"?
A Question of Value
What "Knowing" Means
Their Looming Shadow
Conclusion: Baby Tiger

Appendix: How General Counsels Buy and Will Buy Legal Services

Chapter 2
Solving the Global Puzzle: Are Yesterday's Megafirms Tomorrow's Answer?

Global Openings
Wheels in Gear
Fast Action
The Lay of the Land
The Rising Sun
The Global Twelve

Chapter 3
Law Firm Networks: For the Right In-House

Buyers, a Persistent National and Global Solution
The Heat Is On
A Variegated Lot
A Test Case
The Branding Challenge

Chapter 4
Value Selling: How Law Firm Marketing

Helps Legal Services Buyers
Don't “Just Do It”: Branding
Excise the Seller
Dialogue Model

Chapter 5
The Extracurricular Equation: How Lawyers Who Solve Non-Legal Problems May Revolutionize the Legal Profession

Client-Centric Systems
All Hands on Deck
The Transparency Revolution
The Incredible Shrinking Law Firm

Chapter 6
Law Firm Accountability: A Review of State-of-Art Budgeting and Case

Management Oversight
Guidelines for Preliminary Dispute
Resolution Analysis: Strategies and Budgets for Substantial Disputes
The Numbers Game
The End of Line-Item Review

Chapter 7
“Convergence”: The Decade's Dominant

Inside/Outside Event
A Turbulent History
Behemoths Follow Suit
A One-Firm Convergence
Convergence Reconsidered
“Natural Convergence”
Selective Convergence

Chapter 8
How GE's In-House Revolution Changed an Inside/Outside Dynamic

The “In-House Law Firm”
Intensified “Partnering”
Specialists Retaining Specialists
Next Steps

Chapter 9
Beyond Convergence: How Law Department

Culture Affects Corporate Legal Purchasing
An “Acceptable Risk” Culture
Who Buys?
Law Firms versus Lawyers
Foreign Affairs
Audit Initiatives
What Else Works?
On the Cusp
Playing in Peoria

Chapter 10
“Next Economy” Legal Buyers:

What Fortune 500 High-Tech Corporations
Expect from Outside Counsel
Established Wisdom
A Global Mirror
A Stable Crew
Leveraging Stability
Do Good, Do Well

Appendix: Eastman Kodak Terms of Retention Memorandum

Chapter 11
Sharks and Little Fish: How New Economy Companies Hire Outside Counsel

Beggars in the Market
Brand Name Customer
Global Whole

Chapter 12
Woman to Woman: Does Gender-Based Marketing Work for Both Sides?

Galvanizing Forces
Montgomery, McCracken
Hale and Dorr
The Corporate Mandate

Chapter 13
Consultants: How They Help Law

Departments Run Themselves, Hire Law Firms, and Manage Relationships
A Case in Point
Numbers Games
Disinterested Participant
Company by Company


The Final Victory?