Commonwealth of Pennsylvania State Court Rules

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NEW! 2015 Edition Available Now!

Completely revised and updated, the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania Court Rules includes changes to existing rules and brand new rules throughout the book.

Some of the changed or added rules in this edition are: Appellate, Bar Admission, Civil, Continuing Legal Education, Criminal, Disciplinary Enforcement, Rules of Evidence, Judicial Administration, and Professional Conduct.

Don't get caught unprepared in court! Order your copy today and get the most current and comprehensive coverage of newly adopted, amended and rescinded rules - with amended rules highlighted by the editor alerting you to when the rule was adopted.

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NEW in this Edition




AMENDMENT - 311. - Interlocutory Appeals as of Right.

AMENDMENT - 342. - Appealable Orphans’ Court Orders.

Appellate Amendments

121. - Filing and Service.

903.- Time for Appeal.

1113. - Time for Petitioning for Allowance for Appeal.

Rule 1512. - Time for Petitioning for Review.




AMENDMENT - 223.1. - Conduct of the Trial. Trial by Jury.

AMENDMENT -  238. - Damages for Delay in an Action for Bodily Injury, Death or Property Damage.

AMENDMENT -  1910.11. - Office Conference. Subsequent Proceedings. Order.

AMENDMENT - 1910.12. - Office Conference. Hearing. Record. Exceptions. Order.

AMENDMENT - 1910.16-4. - Support Guidelines. Calculation of Support Obligation. Formula.


Civil Amendments

240. - In Forma Pauperis.

1701. - Definitions. Conformity.

1714. Compromise. - Settlement. Discontinuance.

4009.1. Production of Documents and Things. General Provisions.

4009.11. Request Upon a Party for Production of Documents and Things.

4009.12. Answer to Request Upon a Party for Production of Documents and Things.

4009.21. Subpoena Upon a Person Not a Party for Production of Documents and Things. Prior Notice. Objections.

4009. 23. Certificate of Compliance by a Person Not a Party. Notice of Documents or Things Received.

4011. Limitation of Scope of Discovery.


Civil (New)

1716. Residual Funds.





AMENDMENT - 621. - Procedure When Jury Trial is Waived.


Criminal Amendments

140. Contempt Proceedings Before Magisterial District Judges, Pittsburgh Magistrates Court Judges and Philadelphia Traffic Court Judges.

141. Appeals from Contempt Adjudications by Magisterial District Judges, Pittsburgh Magistrates Court Judges or Philadelphia Traffic Court Judges.

142. Procedures Governing Defaults in Payment of Fine Imposed as Punishment for Contempt.

541. Waiver of Preliminary Hearing.


Criminal Rules Recinded

Rule 528(C). Procedure for Bail Bond.

Rule 528 (D)(3). Realty as Surety for Monetary Condition of Release on Bail.

Rule 531 (A)*(6)-(11). Qualification of Surety.




AMENDMENT -  152. -Waiver of Counsel.

AMENDMENT - 407. -Admissions.