Philadelphia County Court Rules (PA)

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 Philadelphia County Court Rules

The Legal Intelligencer’s Philadelphia County Court Rules is a “must-have” for attorneys practicing in Philadelphia or any surrounding county.

It contains the Civil, Criminal, Family, Orphans ’and Municipal Divisions. Additionally, it provides the most up-to-date information directly from the courts, which sets this Rule book apart from any other publication or website.

Editor’s notes highlight when rules have been adopted, amended or rescinded along with their effective dates.

FULLY REVISED for 2015 - Click features to view changes

Included is a CD-ROM with writable forms

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  • Pub Date: 06/30/2015

The2015 Edition of the Philadelphia Court Rules has been revised.

Reorganized order of contents:

  • Court of Common Pleas Rules(Trial, Family and Orphans’ Divisions)

  • Municipal Court Rules (Civil,Criminal, Traffic and Bail Magistrates)

  • Administrative Orders and GeneralCourt Regulations, including:

    AdministrativeGoverning Board Orders and Regulations

    Joint General CourtRegulations

    President Judge

    Trial Division

    Family Division

    Orphans’ CourtDivision

    Municipal Court

    Traffic Division

    Notices to the Bar

  • President Judge AdministrativeOrders  and Trial Division AdministrativeOrders and General Court Regulations that are no longer effective or relevanthave been removed

  • Significant amendments to the PhiladelphiaMunicipal Court Bail Commissioner Rules

  • New forms for Trial Division andTraffic Division; new forms from the Director of the Arbitration Center

CD of writable forms