Texas Criminal Codes & Rules Annotated

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Up-to-date and easy-to-read, Texas Criminal Codes & Rules Annotated contains over 1900 annotations. Also:
  • New Legislative Amendments, Cases and Annotations
  • Court of Criminal Appeals cases of first impression interpreting the Code of Criminal Procedure, Penal Code and Rules of Evidence and Appellate Procedure
  • Code of Criminal Procedure and Penal Code
  • Selected portions of the Health & Safety
  • Code and Transportation Code
  • Updated Rules of Evidence and
  • Rules of Appellate Procedure
  • Controlled Substances Act
  • Chart Regarding Legal and Factual Sufficiency
  • A Glossary of Spanish Legal Terms for Texas Criminal Practice
  • Comprehensive index

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  • Edition: 278th
  • Page Count: 1594
  • ISBN: 978-1-62881-370-8
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  • Pub Date: 10/30/2017
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