Medical Malpractice Law & Strategy

Janice Inman

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Would you like to leaf through the files of the country's leading medical malpractice experts? Now you can do the next best thing when you read Medical Malpractice Law & Strategy.

This monthly newsletter keeps you current on the judicial, legislative and medical developments surrounding this subject including: how physician-clients should choose the best malpractice insurance; the new legal concerns raised by “telemedicine”; legislative restrictions on managed care incentives and penalties; state versus federal doctrines of HMO liability; wrongful birth/wrongful life suits; the role of mammography in breast cancer litigation; applying product liability theories to health care providers; physician suits against drug companies for damaged reputation; and right to die/right to withhold care issues.

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  • Janice Inman
Janice Inman is the Editor-in-Chief of Medical Malpractice Law & Strategy and New York Family Law Monthly

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