PaLaw: Annual Report On The Legal Profession

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Because you need to know...

  • National Statistics
  • Largest Public Firms
  • Largest Public Corporations
  • 100 Largest Firms
  • Law Schools
  • Pennsylvania's Minority Firms
  • Survey of Pennsylvania's Managing Partners
  • County-by-County Stats
  • Legal Placement Firms
  • Most Requested Opinions
  • Public Interest Law Firms
  • Firm Financials

Though the 2012 PaLaw Annual Report on the Legal Profession is published just once a year_ some professionals find themselves using it just about every working day.

As an information-rich directory that's unlike any other, the Report is a wellspring of business leads too.  If you've never opened it before, the 2012 edition can be your first time.  Get the inside story_the entire story_of Pennsylvania's legal market. 

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  • Pub Date: 11/30/2012