It's the hottest newsletter on everyone's desk  from the town clerk to the town attorney  The Municipal Law Report is proving to be a must have for all municipalities!

With town budgets growing ever tighter, it's important for local governments to keep up with the latest legal issues affecting them.  Staying on top of court decisions can save municipalities thousands of dollars in unnecessary lawsuits and penalties, and can help city and town leaders craft policies that will pass judicial muster.

That's where the all NEW Connecticut Municipal Law Report can help!  With your subscription, you will receive weekly email alert summaries detailing every written decision affecting municipalities from Connecticut's superior and appellate courts as well as the U.S. District Court in Connecticut, and administrative rulings from state agencies.

Our report also features analysis of the most important municipal law cases and trends, prepared by our team of legal experts as well as ALL Board of Arbitration decisions!

Best of all, subscribers have quick and easy access to get the full text of any case reported in the Connecticut Municipal Law Report.  With up to four free full-text opinions each month, the details of the cases that are most important to you are only a phone call or a mouse-click away!

No other source brings you so many cases, so conveniently, and so quickly.   Our summaries help you easily keep abreast of the roughly 60 cases per month, on average, affecting Boards of Education, Police Departments, Planning & Zoning commissions, Tax and Assessment Boards, as well as human resources and collective bargaining units and municipal government in general.



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