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Lisa T. Oratz

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The rise of social media has been one of the most dramatic developments in the information age over recent years, causing a seismic shift in the way people and businesses obtain information, communicate, and interact with one another. Although the benefits of social media can be great, its nature also presents certain inherent risks and significant legal challenges.
Companies generally have less control over social media than they do with traditional media as a result of the casual nature of social media. Therefore, the risk that social media content will create legal liability for the company or disclose confidential information is much greater than with traditional media. In addition, the speed at which social media allows information to travel creates a significant potential for reputational damage, making brands more vulnerable than ever. As a result, there is often a great deal of uncertainty regarding legal issues surrounding social media, including content liability, privacy, data security, employment law, advertising law, intellectual property and general business and contracting issues. This book addresses all of these issues and provides astute, in-depth insights on their ramifications and resolutions.
Social Media Law is organized to follow the various ways in which lawyers and their clients may interact with social media:

Part One addresses some of the key concerns that arise when companies or their employees are users of social media, including employment, advertising, and securities law issues.
Part Two examines the issues that arise when companies and organizations are providers of social media.
Part Three sets forth some of the key intellectual property issues that arise in connection with social media use, whether such use is by the organization itself or by third parties.
Part Four addresses the issues that arise when lawyers use social media for marketing legal services or in their practices, including litigation.
Filled with legal and practical insights, Social Media Law is a comprehensive guide to aid attorneys in becoming familiar with social media and the substantive legal issues and risks that arise in connection with its use in a variety of contexts. The book will assist counsel in properly advising their clients as they take advantage of this powerful tool.

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  • Lisa T. Oratz
Lisa T. Oratz

   Of Counsel Perkins Coie LLP
Lisa Oratz is a member of Perkins Coie’s Technology, Transactions and Privacy practice group and its Trademark and Copyright practice group and is co-chair of the firm’s Arts, Entertainment, and Sports industry group.  Ms. Oratz’ practice focuses on technology, intellectual property and entertainment law, and she works with a wide variety of clients, ranging from Fortune 500 companies to political campaigns to small start-ups.  Ms. Oratz counsels Internet, social media and traditional companies on a broad range of issues relating to social media, including content liability, privacy (including children’s privacy issues), advertising, intellectual property, site documents, social media policies, and licensing.  She also drafts and negotiates development, distribution, licensing, marketing and other technology and intellectual property related agreements.  In addition, Ms. Oratz regularly counsels clients regarding the clearance, protection, licensing and infringement of copyrights, trademarks, rights of publicity and other intellectual property rights and assists clients with obtaining, maintaining and enforcing copyright and trademark rights and registrations.  Ms. Oratz also represents artists, authors, musicians and composers, and works with corporate clients, game developers, publishers and individuals, in entertainment related matters and contracts involving music, publishing, art, theatre, film and television.  Ms. Oratz is a frequent speaker on social media, Internet law and intellectual property issues.

Social Media Law

Lisa T. Oratz

Table of Contents
About the Authors

Chapter 1 (Lisa T. Oratz): Introduction

Part One: Use of Social Media Sites by Companies and Their Employees

Chapter 2 (Linda D. Walton):  Employment Law Issues
Chapter 3 (Lisa T. Oratz): Employer Social Media Policies
Chapter 4 (Lisa T. Oratz, Jason S. Howell & Barry J. Reingold): Advertising and Promotion in Social Media
Chapter 5 (Kha Q. Dang & Lisa T. Oratz): Securities Law Issues

Part Two: Operating Social Media Sites or Features

Chapter 6 (Lisa T. Oratz & J. Dax Hansen): Business and Licensing Considerations
Chapter 7 (Lisa T. Oratz): Content Liability
Chapter 8 (James R. McCullagh, Lisa T. Oratz & Amelia M. Gerlicher): Privacy and Data Security

Part Three: Safeguarding Intellectual Property

Chapter 9 (Lynne E. Graybeal, Makalika Naholowa’a & Winfield B. Martin): Protecting Your Trademarks
Chapter 10 (Lynne E. Graybeal, Makalika Naholowa’a & Winfield B. Martin): Protecting Your Copyrights

Part Four: Use of Social Media by Lawyers

Chapter 11 (Karin Scherner Aldama & Christopher S. Coleman): Use of Social Media by Lawyers: Ethical Considerations
Chapter 12 (John K. Roche): Obtaining Discovery from Social Networks
Chapter 13 (James R. McCullagh): Use of Social Media in Trials

Appendix A: Social Media Policy