Corporate America feature that appears in the September issue of Corporate Counsel magazine and an October issue of The National Law Journal. To determine which law firms represent America's largest corporations, the editorial group searches public records to find outside counsel used by the Fortune 500 across four key litigation areas:

* Contracts litigation

* Labor litigation

* Torts litigation

* Intellectual Property and Patent litigation


PACER data includes access to U.S. district civil courts. For contracts litigation we included categories such as insurance and contract product liability, while for torts litigation, we included personal injury and personal property. Included in our labor litigation search categories were the Fair Labor Standards Act and other labor-related suits, while intellectual property litigation encompassed copyrights, patents, and trademarks.

Research for Go-To law firms is conducted in July, and looks at a calendar year time period (January to December) for the previous year.


Data included in this guide is as of November 2012. Please note that companies may have responded with additional data after the submission due date. This data will be included in upcoming publications and/or online if applicable. Additionally, although the research group made every effort to provide accurate data, we assume no responsibility for errors in the data.