What Judges Want: A Former Judge`s Guide to Success in Court (Print & E-book Available)

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What Judges Want: A Former Judges Guide to Success in Court, a new book by James M. Stanton of the Stanton Law Firm in Dallas. After leaving the civil district bench in Dallas, Stanton began memorializing strategies and tactics that are effective in the courtroom. These methods are not found in legal hornbooks or practice guides; rather they are based on his collective experience at over 100 trials and thousands of hearings as a lawyer and judge. Now in private practice, he has effectively used these methods to persuade judges to find for his clients. A must-have for any trial lawyer, this is a field guide for preparing pleadings and oral arguments before hearings. Each chapter includes examples of how to effectively persuade judges and checklists of tips and hints that can be immediately used by the reader.

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  • ISBN: 978-1-57625-705-0
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  • Pub Date: 10/28/2013