The National Law Journal's survey of billing rates of the largest U.S. law firms provides the High and Low rates for partners and associates.
Starting in 2007, associate class billing data was added to the report from those firms that establish rates based on associate class. The survey results also include:
  • High and low partner principal billing rates
  • High and low associate principal billing rates
  • Firm billing alternatives
  • Associate & Partner billing averages and medians
  • Firm wide billing averages and medians

The National Law Journal asked respondents to its annual survey of the nation's largest law firms (the NLJ 250) to provide a range of hourly billing rates for partners and associates. The firms that supplied this information-including some firms not in the NLJ 250-are listed below in alphabetical order. Firms were also asked to provide average and median billing rates, and several complied. The data includes total number of attorneys at the firm, and the city of the firm's principal or largest office.

The associate class chart includes a sampling of hourly rates charged by law firms that establish billing rates based on associate class.

Data for variations and alternatives to hourly billing rates is included where provided by responding firms. Firms were asked to differentiate between variations on the traditional billable hour (e.g., discounted and blended hourly rates) and true alternatives to the billable hour (e.g., fixed or flat fees, contingency fees, hybrid fees and retrospective fees based on value). The percentages given denote the estimated portions of the firms revenues obtained through each of these two categories.