The definitive ranking of global law firms includes:


* Gross Revenue
Rankings on Gross Revenue
* Number of Lawyers
Rankings on Number of Lawyers
* Average Revenue Per Lawyer
* Number of Equity Partners
* Profit per Equity Partner
Rankings on Profits per Equity Partner
* Number of Countries in Which the Firm Has Offices
* Percentage of Lawyers Outside Firm's the Home Country



The Global 100 charts rank global law firms by revenue, head count, and profits per partner. The charts were compiled by The American Lawyer in cooperation with Legal Week in London. Though non-U.S. firms differ in structure from American law firms, a variety of steps were taken to level the playing field.  Most firms provide their financials voluntarily. Some refuse to cooperate.  All information, whether it is volunteered by the firm or not, is investigated by our reporters.  Foreign law firms differ in structure from their U.S. counterparts, but we have taken steps to level the playing field.  Firms are eligible for placement on the Most Revenue chart, the Most Lawyers chart, or both.


The Global 100 chart ranks firms by gross revenue for their most recently completed fiscal year. Revenue and revenue per lawyer figures for U.S.-based law firms were obtained from The Am Law 100, except where otherwise noted. Revenue figures for law firms in Europe were from Legal Week. Australian and Canadian firms were surveyed directly. Revenue figures for all non-U.S. firms were converted to dollars using the average annual conversion rate as published by the U.S. Federal Reserve. Revenue figures are rounded to the nearest $500,000.


The Global 100 by Most Lawyers chart ranks firms by the average number of full-time-equivalent (FTE) lawyers at the firm in its most recent calendar year. Most of the firms on this chart, but not all, qualified for the Most Revenue chart.  Firms are identified as "international" if 40 percent or more of their lawyers work outside their home country.  Firms identified as "national" have no more than 45 percent of their lawyers located in one region of their home country.  Firms with more than one office but less than 1 percent of lawyers outside their home country are given a "<1 percent" designation. The geographic breakdown comes from the 2011 National Law Journal survey of the 250 largest U.S. firms or from the firms directly if they are not included in that report.


The Global 100 by Profits Per Partner: Only firms included on either the Most Revenue or Most Lawyers charts qualify for this chart, in which firms were ranked by profits per equity partner for the most recent fiscal year. Profits per equity partner figures are rounded to the nearest $5,000.

Firms included on the Most Revenue chart are ranked by the revenue generated per lawyer for the most recent fiscal year. Revenue per lawyer is calculated by dividing net operating income by the number of lawyers. Revenue per lawyer is rounded to the nearest $5,000.


Firms make the Global 100 list by ranking of gross revenue.  However, there may be firms represented who don't make the gross revenue ranking, but do find their way to the list on ranking by PPP or number of lawyers.  In such cases, you will see these firms overflow from the true Global 100 but not all data points may be available.



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