Each year the legal profession becomes more demanding. Law firms struggle to maintain and grow revenues, control costs, and retain a high-quality staff. To stay competitive, law firm managers need an unbiased evaluation of their current operations.

The Survey of Law Firm Economics contains one of the most complete, accurate, and up-to-date sets of economic statistics and financial data available about law firms. Published annually, the Survey will help you measure your firm against comparable firms in terms of financials, billing rates, billable hours, compensation, and staffing ratios. The Survey provides a meaningful baseline against which to assess your firm's performance and profitability. It is particularly useful to those firms in the small- to mid-size law firm market.

First published in 1972, the Survey of Law Firm Economics is a valuable resource for accurate, relevant, and timely data on law firm economics.


Data Collected
* Income
* Expenses
* Unbilled time
* Receivables
* Realization
* Hourly rates
* Billable hours
* Partner compensation
* Associate compensation
* Administrative staff compensation
* Personnel ratios

Positions analyzed
* Equity partner/shareholder
* Non-equity partner/shareholder
* Associate lawyer
* Staff lawyer
* Of Counsel

Data analyzed by
* National (US)
* Regional (US Census regions)
* State
* Metropolitan area (for participants only)
* Population size
* Firm size
* Practice area
* Year admitted to bar
* Years of experience
* Individual Lawyer Specialties (Litigation and Non-Litigation)



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