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Thomas P. Scrivo

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For Attorneys and Town Officials

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New Jersey Local Government Deskbook is published in cooperation with the New Jersey State League of Municipalities. This plain-language handbook organizes and updates a town's procedural and regulatory obligations.


GET NEW COUNCIL MEMBERS up to speed quickly, and keep copies on hand for various town boards and their attorneys.

FOR Town Officials and Personnel: Council Members, Town Engineers,  Clerks, Tax Assessment Officers, Municipal Attorneys, Municipal Managers, Planning Boards, Zoning Boards of Adjustment, Civil Defense and Emergency Management Personnel, Housing and Redevelopment Officers, Election Officers, Parking Authorities,  Municipal Court Personnel, Sewage and Utilities Commissions,  Board of Health Officers, Historic Preservation Commissions, Environmental Commissions, Municipal Port Authorities, Rent Control Boards. Condemnation and Redevelopment Boards,  Mayors, Freeholders. 

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  • Pub Date: 11/25/2016
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  • Thomas P. Scrivo

In his municipal law practice, Thomas P. Scrivo serves as Township Attorney to two New Jersey municipalities. In addition, Mr. Scrivo has served as special counsel to municipalities for cases involving real estate tax appeals, labor and employment, civil rights litigation, public bidding and contracts, and election law. He also represents developers in land use matters before planning boards, boards of adjustment and municipal bodies.

A partner with McElroy, Deutsch, Mulvaney & Carpenter, (based in Morristown, with offices in Newark, Ridgewood, New York City, Philadelphia, and Denver) Mr. Scrivo has extensive experience in the areas of complex commercial and corporate litigation, contract disputes, redevelopment law, business litigation, construction litigation, health care law, real estate tax appeal litigation, estates and trusts litigation, professional liability litigation, environmental law, workers' compensation, toxic tort and product liability litigation, and securities litigation.

1.    Open Meetings

2.    Public Access to Government Records

3.    Powers of Municipal Officials

4.    Autonomous Departments and Agencies

5.    Municipal Ethics

6.    Procurement, Public Bidding

7.    Condemnation and Redevelopment

8.    Real Property Taxation

9.    Labor and Employment Law, ERISA

10.  Municipalities Relationships with other Governmental Entities

11.  Public Utilities

12.  Claims Against Public Entities, Litigation

13.  Election Law

14.  Public Spending, Finance

15.  Structure of Municipal Governments

16.  Local Legislative Procedure