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“Glen Belvis' work is a vital contribution to IP practitioners.”
Legal Information Alert (Volume 30, No. 1), Alert Publications, Inc.

Intellectual property rights are a powerful economic weapon, enabling companies to generate revenues and limit competition — but not with out risk. When does enforcing intellectual property rights against competitors violate antitrust laws? Should you risk the public disclosure involved in filing a patent application?

Intellectual Property In Business Transactions: Protecting the Competitive Advantage is a start-to-finish guide that helps dealmakers, in-house counsel and information officers harness the full power of intellectual property rights while also protecting them. Its scope includes patent, copyrights, trademarks and trade secrets law; tax, anti-trust and securities law; IP group management; attorney client privilege; conflicts of interest; and more.

Topics include: six ways to gain economic advantage from an intellectual property portfolio; choosing a form of intellectual property protection most likely to lead to damages and injunctive relief; antitrust problems; working with national and international standards-setting bodies; taxation of transfers of intangibles; intellectual property holding companies; IP policies that foster, rather than stifle, creativity; and more. In addition to expert analysis, this unique book includes forms and sample language to help practitioners protect vital information in a wide variety of situations.

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