A compilation of ALM Legal Intelligence's three most popular billing products.

Bankruptcy Billing Rates:

The Bankruptcy Billing Rates project contains more than 13,000 rates charged in corporate restructurings by attorneys and staff practicing in 35 states and 24 countries.  Rates were culled exclusively from court documents submitted to the nation's two busiest bankruptcy courts the Southern District of NY and Delaware by firms seeking compensation for legal work done in Chapter 11 cases filed between Aug. 1 2008, and Aug. 31, 2009.

Billing Rates & Practices:

ALM Legal Intelligence has conducted a landmark study of the billing rates and alternative billing practices of lawyers in small and midsize firms and solo practices. The report provides a cross section of billing data segmented by:

    * Firm size
    * Geography
    * Practice Area
    * Number of years in practice
    * Client Industry
    * Office profile (branch office, main office)

NLJ Billing Survey:

The National Law Journal's survey of billing rates of the largest U.S. law firms provides the High and Low rates for partners and associates. The survey results include:

    * High and low partner principal billing rates
    * High and low associate principal billing rates
    * Firm billing alternatives
    * Associate & Partner billing averages and medians
    * Firm wide billing averages and medians

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