Most lawyers and business professionals will, sooner or later, encounter arbitration. Yet despite its widespread use, arbitration is still not always well understood. Though many people have some familiarity with it, few have mastered its central ideas and methods.

Arbitration: Essential Concepts is a comprehensive introduction, intended to help you approach your next arbitration-related issue with increased confidence and insight. It is also a shelf reference, providing an instant refresher on important topics whenever the need arises.

This helpful resource not only explains the law, its history and relevant cases, but also offers extensive practical guidance. You'll find out how to construct an arbitration clause, how to decipher relevant statutes, and conduct an arbitration—as well as how to deal with post-arbitration issues. The book also discusses the differences between various types of arbitration, including labor and employment, securities and international arbitration.

Whether you are seeking a deeper understanding of the arbitration process or simply need a primer on the field, you will find Arbitration: Essential Concepts immensely useful.

Book #ALM09; softcover, one volume, 209 pages; published in 2002.
ISBN: 978-0-9705970-8-3