Insurance Bad Faith in Pennsylvania

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Richard L. McMonigle, Jr., Principal, Post & Schell

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Richard L. McMonigle, Jr., Principal, Post & Schell, P.C.

With Forewords by Hon. Edward N. Cahn (Ret.) and Joseph R. Roda, Esq.

Covers Pennsylvania's common law and §8371 - Pennsylvania's "Bad Faith Statute."

Insurance Bad Faith in Pennsylvania is designed for busy practicing attorneys, claims professionals, judges and law clerks. This clearly written, straightforward volume examines every important issue relating to bad faith lawsuits under Pennsylvania's common law and under §8371- Pennsylvania's "Bad Faith Statute."  With this helpful book, you'll be able to handle any debate in the bad faith arena.

The seventeenth edition of Insurance Bad Faith in Pennsylvania includes the following:

  • Over sixty-five (65) new court opinions briefed and discussed

  • Summaries of all significant bad faith cases, organized by category

  • Discussion of the impact of recent important decisions, including:

  • The ongoing litigation in Berg v. Nationwide Ins. Co.

  • Wolfev. Allstate, and assignability of §8371 bad faith claims

  • McMahonv. Medical Protective,and third-party bad faith claims

  • The Supreme Court decision in Babcock & Wilcox Co. v. American NuclearInsurers

  • In-depth analysis of the hottest topics in the field:

  • The questionable expansion of first- and third-party common law bad faith

  • Continuing debate over severance and bifurcation in post-Koken UM and UIM claims

  • Disputes over delay in payment and settlement negotiations

  • Claims for compensatory and consequential damages

  • Strategic considerations in presenting, and defending against, bad faith claims

  • The latest court decisions dealing with the discover ability of claims handling documents, and protection afforded for attorney communications and work product

  • Updated Verdict Index, summarizing bad faith trial verdicts in Pennsylvania

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  • Richard L. McMonigle, Jr., Principal, Post & Schell

Richard L. McMonigle, Jr. is a principal and Chair of the Insurance Law Department with Post & Schell, P.C. and a seasoned veteran of bad faith litigation. His practice focuses upon the defense and trial of first and third party insurance matters involving coverage, bad faith, and fraud. In addition to his extensive litigation experience, he has written numerous articles on bad faith and regularly provides training to claims handlers and attorneys on the subject. He also serves as a voluntary mediator and legal consultant in insurance disputes, and is the author of The Legal Intelligencer’s Insurance Bad Faith in New Jersey.

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