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Cynthia Coulter George, Aidan R. Welsh, Amy Calvo MacNamara

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NEW! 2nd Edition 

Library of Connecticut Family Law Forms is a comprehensive library of over 200 forms regarding matters of Separation, Divorce, Child Custody, Visitation, and Domestic Violence. Find a wide variety of forms from initial summons through ADR, trial, and relief. This soft cover book contains a printed version of each form, and is organized to bring you through your matter from start to finish.

NEW for 2nd Edition:

The Second Edition of Library of Connecticut Family Law Forms is a representative sample of common pleadings that may be used in most divorce cases. The book contains over 200 forms, new and updated since the publication of the first edition. Commentary from the expert editors provides guidance on the use of the forms, including: when, how and why certain forms should be filed; how to avoid common pitfalls; and tips on strategy.


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  • Cynthia Coulter George
Cynthia Coulter George is a founding partner of Schoonmaker, George & Blomberg, PC. She graduated from Cornell University in 1975 and received her law degree from Loyola University in 1978, where she was a member of the Loyola Law Review. Following graduation, Attorney George joined the law firm of Cummings & Lockwood. She became a Partner of Cummings & Lockwood in 1987, practicing most of her career in the area of matrimonial law.

Attorney George is a Fellow of the American Academy of Matrimonial Lawyers, a former member of the Academy’s Board of Governors and its former counsel, and the former President of the Academy’s Connecticut Chapter. Attorney George previously served as Co-Chair of the Gender Bias Committee of the Academy. In this position she wrote and directed an instructional video on gender bias in the law. She is the former Chair of the Connecticut Bar Association’s Family Law Section. Attorney George has been a member of the ABA Family Law Section for over thirty years and is a former Financial Officer of the section. Attorney George has also written numerous articles on family law and is the author of Connecticut Family Law Citations.

Attorney George lectures both nationally and within Connecticut on topics including executive employee benefits, business valuations, premarital agreements and trial practice as these topics relate to matrimonial law.

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  • Aidan R. Welsh
Attorney Welsh is a Partner at Schoonmaker, George & Blomberg, P.C.   Attorney Welsh joined the law firm in 2006.  Attorney Welsh graduated with honors from the University of Connecticut School of Law in 2006.  While in law school, she served on the Connecticut Law Review and received awards for excellence in Evidence and Civil Procedure.

Attorney Welsh handles complex divorce and family law actions involving significant assets and child custody issues.  She also has significant experience drafting and negotiating premarital agreements.  Attorney Welsh was recently selected to be in included in The Best Lawyers in America, 2016 (c) in the field of Family Law.  She is also recognized by SuperLawyers Magazine as a Rising Star in the Field of Family Law for 2013-2015.   The Connecticut Law Tribune recognized Attorney Welsh as a New Leader in the Law in 2012.

Attorney Welsh is an active member of the Connecticut Bar Association (CBA).  In 2011, she was recognized as a Rising Star of the CBA Family Law Section.  Attorney Welsh currently serves as the Vice Chair of the CBA Young Lawyers Section Executive Committee, after having previously served on the CBA YLS Executive Committee as the Co-Chair of the Family Law Committee, Co-Director of Continuing Legal Education, Secretary, and Treasurer.

Attorney Welsh frequently speaks on issues related to Family Law for the CBA and has authored several publications in this field. Most recently she co-wrote an article for CT Lawyer Magazine about hedge funds in the context of matrimonial actions. She was the Co-Editor for the Connecticut Family Law Forms book published by the Connecticut Law Tribune.  She also authored the article “Initial Client Interview” in the MCLE publication on Connecticut Family Law. Attorney Welsh also serves as a Special Master in the Stamford/Norwalk judicial district, assisting other attorneys and parties in resolving family cases.

Attorney Welsh serves on the Board of Directors for YWCA Darien-Norwalk and is actively involved in OPUS Person 2 Person.

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  • Amy Calvo MacNamara
Attorney MacNamara with Schoonmaker, George & Blomberg, PC received her B.A., magna cum laude, from Fordham University in 2006. She received her J.D., cum laude, from Quinnipiac University School of Law in 2009, where she earned an Academic Concentration, with honors, in Family and Juvenile Law.

Attorney MacNamara handles complex matrimonial and family law matters including matters involving significant assets and complex child custody issues and cases that involve substance abuse and mental health issues.  Attorney MacNamara is certified to act as a Guardian ad Litem and Attorney for the Minor Child in Connecticut and was the founding research assistant for the Committee for the Training of Professionals Serving as Guardians ad Litem and Attorneys for Minor Children, commonly known as the “GAL Training Academy.”  This training is now required for all professionals wishing to serve as Guardians ad Litem or Attorneys for Minor Children in Connecticut.

In 2015, Attorney MacNamara was nominated and confirmed as the Treasurer of the Connecticut Bar Association’s Family Law Section. Attorney MacNamara also organizes and hosts seminars on the field of family law on a monthly basis for the Fairfield County Bar Association’s Family Law Section.  She has served as a co-chair of the section since 2012. She is the co-editor of Connecticut Family Law Citations: A Reference Guide to Connecticut Family Law Decisions by Cynthia C. George and recently co-authored and co-edited Library of Connecticut Family Law Forms, which was published by the Connecticut Law Tribune.

Attorney MacNamara was recently selected as a 2015 Super Lawyers Connecticut Rising Star.*  She was also named a 2013 “New Leader in the Law” by the Connecticut Law Tribune.





1-001   Appearance (court form)


1-002   Summons (court form)

1-003   Summons

1-004   Divorce Complaint (court form)

1-005   Complaint

1-006   Dissolution of Civil Union Complaint (court form)

1-007   Request to Amend Complaint

1-008   Motion for Permission to Amend Complaint and to Cite Additional Parties

1-009   Amended Summons and Complaint

            Answer or Answer and Cross-Complaint

            1-010   Answer and Cross-Complaint

            1-011   Dissolution Answer (court form)

            Orders of Notice

            1-012   Motion for Order of Notice in Family Cases (court form)

            1-013   Application for Order of Notice

            1-014   Order of Notice in Family Cases (court form)

            1-015   Order of Notice

            1-016   Order to Attend Hearing and Notice to the Respondent (court form)

            1-017   Order to Show Cause

            1-018   Motion for Additional Order of Notice in Family Cases (court form)

            1-019   Certification of Notice in Family Cases [Public Assistance] (court form)

            Lis Pendens

            1-020   Notice of Lis Pendens

            1-021   Release of Lis Pendens


            1-022   Motion to Dismiss

            Miscellaneous Motions

            1-023   Motion to Withdraw Appearance

1-024   Motion for Closed Hearings and Records

1-025   Request for Nondisclosure of Location Information (court form)

1-026   Motion for Intervention in Family Matters (court form)  

1-027   Motion for Order Re: Referral to Regional Family Trial Docket

1-028   Motion for Continuance (court form)

1-029   Case Management Agreement (court form)

1-030   Short Calendar List Claim/Reclaim (court form)

1-031   Facsimile Filing Cover Sheet (court form)


            2-001   Client Financial Affidavit Information Form

            2-002   Financial Affidavit (court form)

            2-003   Financial Affidavit

            2-004   Motion to Compel Financial Affidavit



            3-001   Notice of Deposition

            3-002   Subpoena Duces Tecum (deposition)

            3-003   Subpoena Duces Tecum (hearing/trial)

            3-004   Subpoena Ad Testificandum

            3-005   Request for Interrogatories

            3-006   Request for the Production and Inspection of Records

            3-007   Request for Mandatory Disclosure and Production

            3-008   Response to Request for Production of Documents

            3-009   Coversheet Re: Response to Request for Production of Documents

            3-010   Supplemental Response to Request for Production of Documents

            3-011   Request to Produce at Hearing

            3-012   Motion to Compel Response to Interrogatories and Requests for the Production of Documents

            3-013   Motion for Appointment of Commission to Take the Deposition of a Nonresident

            3-014   Motion for Issuance of a Capias

            3-015   Motion to Quash Subpoena and for Protective Order

            3-016   Motion for Protective Order Re: Deposition

            3-017   Motion to Preclude Expert Witness

            3-018   Request to Admit

            3-019   Coversheet Re: Request to Admit

            3-020   Request for Extension of Time

            3-021   Confidentiality Agreement

            3-022   Letter to Client Re: Returning Clients Documents

            3-023   Letter to Client Re: Deposition Transcript and Errata Sheet

            3-024   Letter to Witness Re: Postponed Deposition

            3-025   Motion to Appoint Discovery Special Master

            3-026   Motion for Order of Compliance


            Alimony/Child Support

            4-001   Motion for Order Re: Alimony

            4-002   Motion for Alimony and Support

            4-003   Motion for Alimony, Custody, Support and Counsel Fees

            4-004   Claims for Relief Re: Alimony

            Custody Pendente Lite

            4-005   Motion for Custody and Parenting Plan

            4-006   Stipulation Re: Custody and Parenting Plan

            4-007   Custody/Visitation Application (court form)

            4-008   Custody/Visitation Agreement (court form)

            4-009   Proposed Parental Responsibility Plan (court form)

            4-010   Emergency Motion for Sole Custody

            4-011   Motion for Permission to Relocate


            4-012   Request for Conciliation

            4-013   Motion to Reopen and Restore

            4-014   Motion to Return Matter to the Regular Docket

            Exclusive Possession

            4-015   Motion for Exclusive Possession

            4-016   Objection to Motion for Exclusive Use

            Other Pendente Lite Motions

            4-017   Motion for Psychological Evaluation     

4-018   Motion to Appoint Mental Health Professional 

4-019   Counsel for the Minor Childrens Motion for Order Re: Therapy

4-020   Motion for Private Evaluator to Update Report

            4-021   Motion for Order Re: Entering Agreement of the Parties           

            4-022   Motion for Order Re: Appraisal           

4-023   Motion for Order Re: Telephone Communications        

4-024   Motion for Order Re: Sale of Home     

4-025   Motion for Order to Fix Deposition Date         

4-026   Motion to Schedule Status Conference 

4-027   Motion to Expunge      

4-028   Motion to Enjoin          

            4-029   Motion for Order Re: Return of Documents and Tangible Things and for Sanctions       

            4-030   Motion for Orders Before Judgment in Family Cases (court form)         

4-031   Request for Leave (court form)

4-032   Motion to Approve Arbitration Agreement in Family Cases (court form)

4-033   Motion for Hearing Under State v. Porter         


            Restraining Orders and Injunctions