New York Family Law Monthly

Janice Inman

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The practice of family law is more challenging than ever before, as a result of the transformation of the traditional marriage, changes in the work force, new forms of compensation, and other factors.

This newsletter combines comprehensive legal coverage with contributions from experts in accounting, mental health, child welfare, and other fields to help you deal with any challenge. Each issue of New York Family Law Monthly contains in-depth analysis of key issues in separation, divorce, custody, spousal maintenance, child support, visitation, trial strategy, settlement, prenuptial agreements, tax concerns, and trust and estates.

Regular features include coverage of significant new rulings; "Provision of the Month," with selections of helpful language; step-by-step guidance on situations you are likely to encounter; and rulings from all New York departments, including unreported opinions. This no-nonsense newsletter gives you valuable advice you can put to use in your own practice today.

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  • Janice Inman
Janice Inman is the Editor-in-Chief of Medical Malpractice Law & Strategy and New York Family Law Monthly

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