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Adam J. Schlagman

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Do you know that private equity club deals can be challenged in bankruptcy cases? Do you understand the implications of the Supreme Court ruling limiting a debtor's right to convert a Chapter 7 case to a Chapter 13 case? Subscribers to The Bankruptcy Strategist® are aware of these and other important changes in Americas bankruptcy laws.

Acquaint yourself with the common pitfalls faced by law firms and other limited liability partnerships. Learn to apply winning strategies and techniques devised and perfected by Americas top bankruptcy lawyers to handle reverse mortgages, control the risks of setoffs, assess liabilities, and much more. You'll get expert advice on structuring bankruptcy plans, managing the confirmation process, filing prepackaged bankruptcies, estimating professional fees and structuring settlement agreements, as well as information on post-petition financing, consignments, and more.

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  • Adam J. Schlagman
Adam J. Schlagman is the Editor-in-Chief of LJN’s Equipment Leasing Newsletter, LJN's Legal Tech Newsletter, The Bankruptcy Strategist, The Corporate Compliance & Regulatory Newsletter and The Corporate Counselor

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